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Glenn Hurst Coach

Glenn Hurst

Core Life Coach

Coach and NLP Practitioner, Founder of Develop Potential, specialises in change and mindset coaching, bringing her expertise to 1:1 sessions, specialist programmes and member events.
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To achieve results here at CORE, may mean you need to form new habits.

For some this is relatively easy, make the decision to join, follow the CORE principles for success , and get results!

The value of 21 days to form new habits has long been discussed , feted and challenged.

Is it really a myth?

We believe not – What is proven is habit forming takes time, and the more frequently and consistently we can apply change, the quicker the necessary neural pathways form and the more likely it is a new habit is created.

It appears to take a minimum of 21 consecutive occasions to embed a desired change (Maltz 1960) and we have used this process successfully and repeatedly over the last decade and are delighted to be able to offer it to CORE members

21 Days explores the 3 phases of habit formation and helps you to learn how change works and how small changes create big impact.

  • Session 1 : 30 minutes of discovery , understanding the change process
  • Sessions 2-20 : 10 minute calls, once daily
  • Session 21 : 30 minute review of outputs and impact.

Discovery session – Finding your MoJo!

Motivation is something we talk about a great deal – it is a key driver in our behaviours.

However, it is just one part of who we are, and at CORE, we believe in understanding the whole , rather than 1 element of who we are.

In order to help you understand yourself better, we offer detailed personality profiling and Lumina Spark is the profiling tool that is used here at CORE to identify the elements of your personality that impact positively to help you to achieve the goals you strive towards as well as understand how your personality may drive counter productive behaviours that prevent successful outcomes.

This session includes a self reported profile, interpretation and the report for you to take away.

Better You

At CORE, we believe in the philosophy that you are great as you are!

However, if you are struggling to bring the ‘best’ you to all elements of your life, then a cycle of coaching may be what you need to rediscover the version of you, you want to be.

“Be The Best Version of You” is a series of 6 one to one coaching sessions over a 12 week cycle. This is to give you chance to process the coaching and work on the discovery process.