Dynamic movements between holding positions to increase flexibility and core strength.

Pilates is another session offered to a premier standard at Core.  Balancing both body and Mind, with a class suitable for beginners through to the more advanced.

The studio upstairs, unlike your standard pay as you go gym, is cosy and calming. Clean walls and a quality ‘homely’ floor are illuminated with a soft, dimmable lighting to enhance the stress relief given from our fantastic Pilates coach.

You read that right, just one coach. We searched high and low to find the right person to take the Pilates sessions at Core. Someone who shares our passion for correct form and technique. Someone who helps us to create the friendly and fun community which we are infinitely proud of. Someone who is a coach, not just an instructor.

So what is Pilates?

Pilates is a slower and more gentle form of exercise which focuses on core strength to improve balance, flexibility and posture leading to a stronger body as a whole.

Because working on one area of the body isn’t enough anymore. And working solely on the body is also not enough, Pilates helps to focus your body and mind to work together as one. This allows a greater level of proprioception, or being able to feel where your body is and what it’s doing.

This new found strength and mind-body connection can be transferred in to the other sessions we offer at Core to help you get even more out of each individual session. We like to call this the snowball effect. Where each class you do here benefits every other class.