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We work with ordinary people to get extraordinary results . That’s CORE.

We genuinely care about creating a environment that you want to be part of, whilst achieving real results for your hard work and effort. Too many people join gyms then never go, yet want to change something, weight, fitness or general health and feel stuck, without help or motivation to take action.

Like you we once needed help to get started, and support to change. Here at CORE we value the importance of a community in providing motivation and support so we created a Gym we want to belong to and  focus on having fun and getting results with our family of members because You are the reason we are here.


Sam Hockenhull Coach

Sam Hockenhull

Founder & Personal Trainer

I was always the bigger one of all my friends…sometimes a lot bigger!
I hated it and eventually this led me to training and fitness and it became a way of managing how I looked and felt about myself.
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Andrew Hurst

Founder & Personal Trainer

I was always sporty growing up, and as an adult life got in the way!
I become unfit and unhealthy, joining gyms never to set foot in them, promising myself I would do something next week….
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Glenn Hurst Coach
Glenn Hurst
Core Life Coach
Emma Howard
Pilates Coach
Chrissy McLean
Bliss Mindfulness Coach