Vegans VS Meat Eaters

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The first blog of 2019 and I thought I’d start with something controversial.

Vegans VS Meat Eaters

I like keeping up to date with current trends across the fitness industry.

And the biggest one I can see at the moment is the rise in people embracing a vegan lifestyle.

As great as this is…

Something is going very wrong…

Social media is full of vegans and meat eaters at each other’s throats. Bickering back and forth about opposing points of view.

This is clearly an issue which is close to people’s hearts.

The main points I see coming up

Vegans saying

  • It’s inhumane
  • It’s torture
  • We can get the protein, vitamins and minerals from other sources now so there’s no need to eat meat
  • Meat eaters don’t like animals

Meat Eaters saying

  • We’ve eaten meat for millions of years
  • We have incisors, designed for eating meat
  • Getting grass fed, outdoor reared meat from a butcher is better than supermarket, mass produced meat

In reality, it all comes down to personal preference as to whether you decide to eat meat or not.

So why spend the time arguing with people that don’t share your viewpoint on social media groups?

Do you seriously think that you will change someone’s mind by telling them that they’re a ‘psychopathic murderer’ or a ‘soft fairy’ (both insults I’ve read this morning)?!

Of course, you won’t.

And, why should you try to change their mind?

We live in a society with the freedom to make our own decisions.

And that’s what we will all do.

I’m personally not a vegan. But I have no feelings, either positive or negative to those who choose not to eat meat.

Because it’s their choice, and they’ve made their decision, exactly like I have made mine.

It’s about time that we learn as a society to embrace what we don’t understand.

Embrace other’s choices and not push our beliefs on to them.

At the end of the day, who are we to dictate what others should and shouldn’t do?