How Many Calories are in Your Christmas Dinner?

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How many calories are in your Christmas dinner?


The headline to an online article that popped up on my social media today.

I want to start off by saying, I love Christmas. As in, I become the worlds biggest child at Christmas time.

I put up the tree wearing a Santa hat, listen to Christmas songs on repeat for the whole of December and spend most of the festive period thinking about turkey and pigs in blankets.

With this in mind. I hate seeing this kind of article

Highlighting the one day out of the year that you should be able to let go and just enjoy yourself with family to watch your calories is ridiculous.

I get it, if you are a physique competitor and have a shoot coming up in January then your probably need to watch what you’re eating.

But most of us aren’t physique competitors or swimwear models so need very different advice.

I thought I would share with you the advice that I will give to all of my Personal Training Clients and members.

Christmas is a time to enjoy. A time when you don’t need to have extra stress and worry thinking about calories.

We all tend to overindulge at Christmas and the festive period and there are 2 things that we can do about this without making ourselves miserable.

  1. Eat and drink what you want and simply accept that you are going to gain some fat. Some of the hard work you have put in since summer is going to be undone and that’s all there is to it.
  2. Decide that you don’t want to gain any/much fat over the festive period and start stocking up on some calories now. Eat 100 calories less each day between now and Christmas and you’ll have 2200 calories stored up to overindulge on Christmas day.

Personally, I know which one I’m going to do.

100 calories a day is nothing. Its 2 biscuits or a medium banana or a handful of nuts.

All of which I can do without to enjoy my Christmas dinner and not gain too much fat that I’ll just have to burn off again in January.

I sincerely hope this helps and you go into the New Year having enjoyed your Christmas and not worried about your food, one way or another.

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