Lose Fat Without Losing Your Social Life

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It’s currently 10.30pm on a Saturday as I’m writing this. Both my girls are asleep and Sophie has followed suit.

Now, I know that we have a busy day ahead of us tomorrow and should probably think about getting to sleep too.

But, earlier today, I chose to do some painting and freshen the gym up instead of writing a blog.

Now, because of the decision I made, I either stay up late tonight writing this, or I end up behind on Monday, which is typically our busiest day.

Would I rather be catching up on my sleep or watching one of the Saturday night films on the TV or sat here working?

Honestly, I love what I do. I love helping people, I love educating those who follow us and read our work. I love almost everything about the business.

But tonight is a Saturday night and I’d rather not be working if I could help it.

At the end of the day though, I want the result. I want this blog to go out Monday morning to give everyone the best chance to implement the strategy and see the results faster. I’m all about short term pain for long-term gain.

This got me thinking.

This is something which happens a lot with people’s calories and their eating habits, just turned on its head a little.

They eat ‘healthy’ all week…

Then go out on a Saturday night, have a meal and a few drinks followed by a dessert and another couple of drinks to finish off. Nothing major, just a normal Saturday night.

Let’s take the Core Average Lady who should be eating around 2300 calories a day (yes, I’m aware that this is more than the government guideline, but our ladies are eating more and getting amazing results compared to those who follow the government guidelines).

This night out has probably ‘cost’ around 2000 calories, almost a full days worth of calories in one evening.

And this is where a lot of people go wrong, not because they dared to have a social life or to stray from their chicken, broccoli and rice diet…

But because they simply haven’t allotted this extra energy in to their nutrition for the week.

I don’t know about you but surviving off 300 calories over the course of a Saturday so that I can eat 2000 when I go out wouldn’t work for me at all. I’d be a horrible, grumpy erm… person.

Most people, however, don’t look at their energy balance at all. They go to the gym all week to put themselves in to their weekly 3000 calorie deficit.

Then they go out on Saturday and eat 2000 worth of it and wonder why their progress is slow.

Then comes the reality that they’ve trained for a month to lose 1lb of fat, which to be fair, isn’t a lot…

They decide that the blood, sweat and tears in the gym isn’t worth it and fall off the wagon.

When, like me and this blog, they only need to tweak a few things during their ‘time off’ to see the results that they were aiming for.

All they need to do is split the 2000 calories over 6 days to give 333 calories per day…

This is achievable for almost everyone.

Cut down on alcohol through the week, switch heavily processed foods for more natural, single ingredient recipes, make a sandwich to take to work rather than buying one, swap a plate full of buttery mashed potatoes or rice for a plate full of veg… There are endless simple ways to reduce your calories through the week.

Small changes lead to big results.

If you want to get better results but still want to keep your social life, give this a go.

The gym shouldn’t stop your social life.

All you need to do, like me writing this blog, is swap the short-term pain (fewer calories throughout the week/staying up late working) for a long-term gain (the results that we want).