Change How You See Stress

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Hands up who has ever heard someone say, or indeed, said themselves…

‘It’s stressing me out’

If this is you, then carry on reading, this blog might literally change your life.

Because if you use the phrase

‘IT’S stressing me out’

Then the ‘IT’ in the situation is been given all the power to control how you feel…

And it doesn’t matter what the ‘IT’ is.

IT could be

Your job or colleagues

Your friends or family

Your children

Your financial situation

Your weight


The IT doesn’t matter.

Because everyone has stresses from work, family, friends, children etc etc

Stress is an almost inevitable part of life.

What matters isn’t cutting stress out of your life, although reducing it can be particularly liberating, but is learning how to deal with it.

This simple mindset shift can change your entire outlook on the world, it really is that profound…

Next time a stressful even comes into your life, don’t revert back to type and give it the power to control your emotions by saying ‘it’s stressing me out’.

Instead, take control of how you feel and ask, either in your head or out loud, ‘what can I do about this?’ or ‘why am I letting IT make me feel like this?’


Suddenly, you’re in control.

You’ve broken the cycle.

Now, you decide how to respond.

Do you go home seething about your boss, rant to your partner and turn to a bottle of wine believing that you’re hard done by and your boss just hates you?

Or do you respond by taking the time to consider why your boss is reacting the way that he/she is? Realise that they’re getting it in the neck from their boss and they don’t hate you, they’re struggling just like you are.

I know which one would make me feel better. Nothing has really changed with the situation, you’ve just changed your mindset towards it.

Now though, you’re in a better position to speak to your boss to find if there’s anything you could do to help with their situation, leading to them being less stressed and less grief coming your way!

That’s a win win in my book. Everyone is happy (or at least happier).


Take home points

  1. Nothing stresses you out. You choose what makes you feel stressed and what doesn’t
  2. Break the cycle and you put yourself in the driver’s seat


I’ll sign off with one of my favourite quotes

‘Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react’