World Cup Games BBQ

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We have been running our fun World Cup Games for the last couple of weeks, with events such as tyre flips, press ups, rowing and much more.  The final event was on Friday, and we celebrated with a BBQ.  Thanks to all our amazing members who turned up and brought some lovely food with them, we had a fantastic time, and I hope you all did too.

Well done to everybody for pushing themselves, and giving it their all. It is the effort that really counts in all of this.

Team Winners
Sadly despite a late surge by both England and Germany nobody could catch Spain!
1st. Spain (1654 pts)
2nd. England (1718 pts)
3rd. Germany (1777 pts)
4th. Brazil (1847 pts)

Well done to Spain!
I feel like I have failed as the Captain of Brazil, and have stood down with immediate effect…..applications for a replacement now being taken!

Ladies Winner.
We saw an amazing competition for this. Battle of the press-ups was epic, with a last day effort of 78 by Tansy Shorrock finally winning! However, this wasn’t quite enough to land the top spot, and the final results were:
1st Claire Moston (79 pts)
2nd Tansy Shorrock (131 pts)
3rd Kate Jennings (132 pts)

Mens Winner.
This was also close, but wins in the tyre flips and netball meant that Robert Badley took the top spot with 42 points. On the final day Jeremy Vernon came from nowhere (literally) and finished strongly to take 2nd spot with 57 points. We had a tie for 3rd between Chris Jennings and Dan Bentley with 62 points.

I’d like to say again how amazed we were with the effort, encouragement and support everybody gave during all the events. It was great to see everyone pushing themselves.
My favourite and most inspiring part was Helen Getley pushing through 26 press ups even though previous injuries to her knees meant each one was incredibly painful. For me it is effort like that which gets us the results we all want, so well done.

Look out for the Winter Games coming later this year!