Hang Challenge Sandbach Transport Festival

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Thank You to everyone who had a go at our Hang Challenge at the Sandbach Transport Festival this weekend.  You (or in some cases your child!) were amazing and managed to hang on for more than 90 seconds.  It’s not as easy as it looked, but for those that managed it they can claim a free months membership.  Darren Antrobus from Silk FM even had a go, but sadly couldn’t get over just a few seconds!  Even the Crash Test Dummy couldn’t do it, but did at least land safely when he fell!

If you’re interested the winning times were both children!  The Men’s (in this case boy) was an incredible 6min 19 sec by Matthew, and the Ladies (ok, girl) was Jessica with an amazing 6min 5 seconds!  Well done to both, and I have to admit I can’t get anywhere near either time!